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If I had to describe myself "in a nutshell", I'd say I'm sort of a hippie-geek; my interests include computers and anime and video games and other conveniences of modern life, yet I am fascinated by many alternative lifestyles.

Compared to our cultural norms, you may find my collection of interests/groups below rather...intriguing, since my sexual interests are presented together with all my other interests. I've found it common for most people to present themselves totally differently depending on context, in LiveJournal as well as elsewhere: they'll either appear to be 100% sex/porn obsessed, or nearly asexual as if sex doesn't exist. I doubt most people are so radically polar, and it is no secret that many people have a "normal" profile and one or more "secret" profiles, to hide their "naughty" side. Since having such double-lives strikes me as being less than honest (with others as well as with one's self), I choose to present myself, the real, complete Me, the whole spectrum, all at once. No surprises.

If your own inability to reconcile the carnal side of life with "the rest" leads you to be afraid of those who can, I challenge you to be open-minded and considerate, despite the urge to succumb to prejudice. At the very least, it wouldn't kill you to be polite.

If only more people would present the whole truth up front, so much misunderstanding, dishonesty, and disappointment would be prevented.

My kinkier side can be found at kinkybynature

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